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Why do we not question what is right next to us?

This weekend I visited our beautiful capital, Stockholm. I met great friends and dear relatives and we celebrated achievements and the passing of life’s milestones. And on top of it all the weather was just perfect and I got to wear a summer dress.

We talked about things like work and career because it is always nice to catch up on what is going on in everone’s lives. And, also, it is such a big thing for many.

I’m happy for friends’ and family members’ achievements, if that is what they really like, but for a person like me who has chosen to stand in defiance of this model of being conventionally employed and jumped off the career wheel I can’t help but notice how far removed from them I actually am. And I can’t help but wonder why hardly anyone expresses any thoughts of alternative ways of making a living.

The only options seem to be getting good grades, climbing the corporate or academic ladder so you can buy more stuff, more beautiful homes, that special car or whatever. That is how you get recognition and prove yourself.

But how about pursuing your own dreams or building something that is truly your making instead of trying to reach this month’s key performance indicators or getting that new position that will be a great jumping-off point for the next position?

No, I don’t think so.

Pursuing a passion is harder because you might not be able to have something to show off and maybe no fancy trips to report back on or new shiny stuff to wear or drive.

You might be a complete failure and who wants that?

But that’s not the worst thing.

Creating something out of nothing on your own gives you a taste of real freedom … and the thought that, if you fail, you will have to give up the freedom that you have momentarily tasted. That … now THAT would be the worst thing of all.

So don’t taste freedom.

Stay safe, stay on tracks.

Climb the ladder.



…. No of course NOT!

I’m just joking (yes, I know, obviously).

What is more exciting, fulfilling and scary challenging than to find a completly new path into the wilderness of your own creativity?

We need to talk more about how to start treading THAT path.

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