The lost art of Exploring (and it’s not merely about being curious)


To be curious means to be exploring. It’s about being interested in finding out about places, things and ideas that you didn’t know about before.

When we think about explorers the great ones comes to mind; Cristopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Leif Ericson, Vasco da Gama, etc.

They explored Terra Incognita, unknown land, on the map. They had ideas of what they would find on their expeditions, but they didn’t know. So without knowing for sure they set out into the unknown ahead of the rest and came back with invaluable information. If they came back.

To be a great explorer of the world is a romanticized image of what an explorer might be. So what does it take to explore today?

We are born with curiosity and it is the driving force behind every child’s development. Without it humans wouldn’t have come as far as we have. Other intelligent animals like crow birds, dolphins, apes and elephants possesses it too.

The opportunities to be curious are greater today with internet and all the information, images and videos on it, than ever before. There is so much going on there that it’s actually hard to turn them off, and if we do, soon enough we turn our device on to catch up with all our feeds.

So are we curious when we sit with our mobile phones?

Yes, I think so. Our curiosity is constantly fed. To the degree that we become addicted with it.

So are we exploring when we have our eyes glued to all those connected devices?

No, not really.

It is called surfing and for a very good reason.

I don’t mean it’s bad to surf on the interwebs. I do it and I think it is great. But more often than not it really is shallow and a distraction that kills time and mostly it doesn’t takes us very far from our starting point..

Time we could use for explorations.

So what is exploration about that mere curiosity isn’t?

It is about being curious, yes, but also to go out there and make our own observations.

Exploration is curiosity in action.

To gather information. Not being feed with someone else’s experiences, opinions and reality.

Simply put; to go out there and see and do for yourself. To create time and space for your own senses, to feed yourself.

All the great explorers did this and do to this day. They put their curiosity into action. Exploration is what comes out from it.

I’m not a technophobe, I love technology, but this is one thing it cannot do for us. I definitely need more exploration in my life, how about you?

How will you feed that curious person, the grand explorer, inside of you today?