Evolving and up-leveling

Evolving and up-leveling my podcast, here are some clues

I’ve been on vacation from my podcast a couple of months.

I started it as a passion project, for no other reason than to satisfy my own longing to see if I could do this or not. I also wanted answers to some questions and the podcast was the format I choose to ask them in. That, and I also love the intimacy of having stories and voices coming in through my ears. So I wanted to be part of and contribute to that.

After 1,5 years of production I felt the need for a little space away from it, my creativity needed a reset. But now I feel ready to work on it again and I’m trying to get a grip of how it will evolve.

There will be changes and I don’t completely know of which sorts yet. I know one thing though, it will be in English. That was my initial ambition and the reason I gave it an English name and now it’s time (why I did it in Swedish is another story I might come back to later).

Other than that?

I’m not sure, but my brain is gathering information. Some of the clues that have been collected so far are;


I haven’t checked download numbers for a couple of months but when I looked the other day I was happy to see that people continue to listen without me promoting it!

I also noted that one episode stands out and it’s the one about skeletons in the archives. For those who haven’t listened it’s about skeletons in museums and how to treat the remains of humans with respect (after all who would like to be dug up and put on a display in a museum to be looked at by anyone, reduced to a thing?).

So I’m thinking museums might have other artifacts in their depositories, that they don’t want to display for different reasons. Is that true or not?

Could that be interesting or not?


It would be fun to hear about unexpected findings in archives. Both by professionals but also from non-professional users of archives. Stories that might not be revolutionizing to how we view our common history, but in a persons life, maybe even changing a persons life.

How do I find stories like that?


I would like to co-operate with others more.

What/how could that look like?


I want to publish new episodes with higher frequency.

How could I do (bi-)weekly episodes without going under from the burden?


The podcast needs to generate money!

How can I let others support the creation of it?


Explorers of different kinds fascinate me. Are there any unknown pathfinders in the archives that could find their way into my podcast?

So, this was an update of some sort. If you have ideas or comments to what I have written here please let me know!

And I’ll let you know how the podcast progresses and most importantly when a new episode is up.