The Podcast Experience

The Podcast Experience (for individuals and institutions)

A podcast is an intimate experience of your brand or vision.

Stories mediated by a person’s voice is the oldest form of  communication there is. Accompanied by music and sound illustrations it makes a very powerful way of sending your message to an audience.

The possibilities with a podcast are almost endless and it can be overwhelming to untangle what goes into creating and producing a podcast.

Who this is for…

I work with organisations to create a podcast that stands out from the crowd and delights (and builds!) audiences.

My service is for you if you’re ready to share a strong message and voice with your current customers in a powerful, engaging way AND enthral new customers, encouraging them to enter your world… and stay there!

How I do this…

*I will take your unformed idea and make it a fully formed, tangible concept (creative direction)

*I will find the hidden, compelling thread that will flow through all the episodes (customer engagement)

*I will advise on the ongoing content, themes and ‘voice’ (brand building)

The Result…

At the end of our work together, you will have a whole new perspective on what makes your organisation compelling to others, and therefore what content and stories to share with your ideal audience.

Together we will create a podcast that activates your listeners’ insatiable curiosity and takes them on a journey of what I call ‘intellectual entertainment’!

I am selective about which projects I take on, so please e-mail me for a confidential conversation about your vision at


Photo credit: AnnaCarin Isaksson