Red threads

How to find the theme of your life

(and why not following this ‘red thread’ will mean continual struggle in your career and creative life)

Your life has a red thread – your own ‘magnificent obsession’.

But because it’s so much a part of you, you have a blind spot for it.

And because of the blind spot, you have no focus, clarity or direction.

Your days are spent in a fog of frustration and confusion.

You question everything – every choice, every decision… every talent or hobby that came joyfully and effortlessly to you as a child (when oh when did it stop being that way?!?)… and you despair at ever finding your thing.

So, because you are inherently blind to your red thread, you keep choosing the wrong path – a new town, a new career, a new man, a new nose, a new degree – in the hope that it will be the ‘thing’.

But of course, it’s never the thing.

And you continue to struggle.

When what you are searching for is right in front of your nose. You just can’t see it.

It’s actually very easy to spot the red thread – the thing you are SUPPOSED to be following – you just need someone to spot it for you.

When I find the red thread for people, the fog lifts and they can follow the path that is right.

So, my questions to you:

Do you know what your red thread is? If not go here!

Do you know what it is but STRAY from it? Go here!