Podcasting in the field v3

Podcasting in the field (yes out of the studio!) – online class

There is a whole world out there filled with birdsong, cafe noise, the sound of children playing, ocean waves, conference buzz.

All of these sounds have the possibility to transport a listener to a new place (to you!), which will have them engage on a higher level to what is said in your interview or talk. These sounds create a context to what is said and gives it that touch of authenticity and nerve that is everything in a great interview or in storytelling.

Imagine what that presence would do to your podcast.

All great audio producers use this in their productions, it’s the not so secret sauce!

But then it must be hard, many think. But that’s not true at all.

You might think you’ve spent so much time perfecting the sound in your home studio and made all these setups and arrangements to record with good audio quality over Skype, so recording in an environment you don’t control must be super hard.

That’s not the case at all.

Setting up a great studio in a small room with hard walls, floor and a roof is much harder than achieving a great sound in situ. The problem you are dealing with in a studio are sound reflections from the walls, floor and roof which creates a lot of difficult to manage effects that you simply don’t have in large rooms or outdoors (the only problem to manage outdoors are wind, but there are solutions to that too). And the buzz from the environment, the atmosphere, is what you’re after anyway. You see it really is much simpler!

Doing this will probably require some audio editing skills since unexpected things can happen like a honking horn or someone interrupting your interview or a sudden wind blow. Fun and great things can come out of that but sometimes you really want them gone.

And more likely you want to use all these wonderful sounds you’ve captured to make short sound illustrations in your episodes.

I’m a podcaster since 2,5 years (archivespodcast.com) and almost all of my interviews are recorded on place where I’ve met the interviewees. It’s been in museums, outdoors, walking around etc. The interviews I’ve done over Skype (or like) have much lower audio quality, and the interviews themselves are almost never as good as when I actually meet the interviewee in person. Special things happen when you meet someone face to face and with portable recording abilities you can do that.

But in addition to the interviews out in the ‘real world’ I always record voice overs as well as intro and outro in a temporary studio in my home. When I do that I use my portable recording equipment, so with one you as a podcaster is always set!

For my episodes I combine studio sound and in situ recordings which adds to the experience for the listener. It doesn’t have to be either or.

A side from my podcasting experience I have a bachelors degree in journalism and a master of science degree in computer engineering. So yes, I’m not afraid of technology, but no one should be, since we all deal with advanced technology daily. I’ll show you how simple it actually is.

What we will learn in this class;

  • 25+ ideas to use environmental sound in your podcast and in situ interviews (release your creativity)
  • Make a recording of an interview with someone outside of your studio/home (yes you’ll do this!).
  • Edit the recording into a captivating piece of audio to use as a part of or a whole episode (the basic skills needed and workflow).

What we will cover in this class is:

  • What equipment to use – digital recorder + microphone + microphone cable + headset. My equipment is less than 300 USD, so this need not be expensive.
  • Handling the equipment and recording – some rules of thumb anyone can learn to make a great recording .
  • Ideas to start recording – and encouragement (or a kick in the butt) to actually go out and do it.
  • Basic editing using Audacity (free software) – basic editing is really all we need.
  • Support via Q&A’s – ask about obstacles you encounter to sort them out quickly!

Email at info@tereshallman.com for price and start date!