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The lost art of Exploring (and it’s not merely about being curious)



To be curious means to be exploring. It’s about being interested in finding out about places, things and ideas that you didn’t know about before.

When we think about explorers the great ones comes to mind; Cristopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Leif Ericson, Vasco da Gama, etc.

They explored Terra Incognita, unknown land, on the map. They had ideas of what they would find on their expeditions, but they didn’t know. So without knowing for sure they set out into the unknown ahead of the rest and came back with invaluable information. If they came back.

To be a great explorer of the world is a romanticized image of what an explorer might be. So what does it take to explore today?

We are born with curiosity and it is the driving force behind every child’s development. Without it humans wouldn’t have come as far as we have. Other intelligent animals like crow birds, dolphins, apes and elephants possesses it too.

The opportunities to be curious are greater today with internet and all the information, images and videos on it, than ever before. There is so much going on there that it’s actually hard to turn them off, and if we do, soon enough we turn our device on to catch up with all our feeds.

So are we curious when we sit with our mobile phones?

Yes, I think so. Our curiosity is constantly fed. To the degree that we become addicted with it.

So are we exploring when we have our eyes glued to all those connected devices?

No, not really.

It is called surfing and for a very good reason.

I don’t mean it’s bad to surf on the interwebs. I do it and I think it is great. But more often than not it really is shallow and a distraction that kills time and mostly it doesn’t takes us very far from our starting point..

Time we could use for explorations.

So what is exploration about that mere curiosity isn’t?

It is about being curious, yes, but also to go out there and make our own observations.

Exploration is curiosity in action.

To gather information. Not being feed with someone else’s experiences, opinions and reality.

Simply put; to go out there and see and do for yourself. To create time and space for your own senses, to feed yourself.

All the great explorers did this and do to this day. They put their curiosity into action. Exploration is what comes out from it.

I’m not a technophobe, I love technology, but this is one thing it cannot do for us. I definitely need more exploration in my life, how about you?

How will you feed that curious person, the grand explorer, inside of you today?

The Private Pathfinding Experience

The Private Pathfinding Experience

The Private Pathfinding Experience is for people who have reached a creative crossroads or block and need a new perspective so they can explore further and bring their dream to life.


You have this internal landscape and in it you might have created a book, art, a career or whatever, but at some point you’ve got stuck in making it real.

What was once a clear path is now covered by a thick fog that you can’t see through. Losing sight of the path is deeply uncomfortable. It’s like some maggots have installed themselves in your stomach. Their twisting and turning are leaving you no rest, night or day.

Because of this…

  • The book deal you once celebrated makes you now dread emails from your publisher as the deadline approaches.
  • The research project that once had you firing on all cylinders in the beginning now has you procrastinating at every turn.
  • The career that seemed so promising now feels like a trap and keeps you awake in the middle of the night, every night.
  • The creative project that was so perfect when it appeared in your head now seems completely impossible to finish for thousands of reasons.

Put simply, what you dreamed of achieving has turned into something that seems pointless.

Perhaps you should just scrap the whole project completely and go and buy something expensive to comfort yourself instead? (But you can’t bear to give it up because that would mean saying goodbye to your beautiful dream.)

Perhaps you need to concentrate on not thinking about it and eventually it will go away? (But it won’t, and you probably already know that.)

Perhaps you should take another class or get a new job or move houses or… (But you know you already possess all the competence and knowledge for the project and a new job or new house won’t fill the creative hole.)

Sometimes you lose your way in your creative project or career or business idea. 


I know how unsettling it is when you can’t find the way out and the time just passes.

But you don’t need to drop your creative dream, or deny it, or replace it with something inferior.

What you need is a new perspective. You need to go pathfinding in your internal landscape – to explore your creative dream and find new ideas and pathways that will ignite your curiosity and passion for it again and SHOW YOU HOW IT FEELS TO HAVE IT FINISHED. And you need to be taken on this journey by an expert.

I’m a pathfinder who constantly seeks new paths to explore. I don’t go out in a landscape to walk only the known tracks. I’m willing to go out into internal landscapes (yours) that are unknown to me. I want to find the unknown, what is beyond. With me, you will navigate through the fog, and you will never look at your landscape – your creative dream – or yourself the same way again.


After The Private Pathfinding Experience I could see more avenues for my knowledge than I’d anticipated, such as helping parents of sensitive kids as well as the kids themselves.

Sue Susnik,


I am an experienced freelance journalist and podcast producer who has interviewed hundreds of people. My questions are not aimless, standard ones.

I ask questions based on my genius for relentless, unpredictable curiosity and making lightning-fast connections. These are my superpowers, and I use them to discover yours.

I will approach your session as if you are already recognised for what you have created and I am interviewing you for my podcast as the person you have become.

Over just 1 hour, I will ask you to describe your creative dream, goal or project, why it looks the way it does and why you choose the routes in it that you did. I will question you intently, following my own intuitive curiosity, and I will allow it to lead us where you need to go in order to have that beautiful aha moment.

I will not stop until I have learnt something unexpected from you and, in doing so, new connections between seemingly unrelated ideas and diverse pieces of information will appear to you. New ways to understand your project or life block will form.

Your session will be recorded for you to listen to. After the session you will receive the audio file together with a follow-up email.


  • Progress – you will stop avoiding and doing everything but your creative project, allowing you to sit back down at your writing desk, or at your easel or to pull out your creative entrepreneurial plans with real
  • Certainty – the beautiful knowledge that you have the answers inside you
  • Intimacy – connection with your original dream or project
  • Peace of mind – helping you sleep better at night, so there’s more energy to give back to your creativity and your partner and kids without stress or guilt
  • Confidence – See your self in the role of the accomplished author/artist/etc. and in your natural creativity, ideas and process
  • New ideas – for how to develop the story/content/your expression


  • You want a bigger and completely new perspective on a creative project
  • You want a deeper understanding of your creative spirit
  • You want to know the next steps
  • You want to stop making excuses and start working on your dream
  • You want someone completely unbiased to talk to about your passion project
  • You want to know what it feels like to be famous and be interviewed for real
  • You want to get fired up and feel a new sense for the urgency of the project.
  • You want to understand your natural creative routines, what stops you and where you draw inspiration from


You will be stunned, moved and changed by the clarity and insight with which you have been captured and reflected. You will be surprised by the unexpected ideas, wisdom, visions and answers you have hidden within you (you had all along). Being seen and listened to deeply – perhaps for the first time properly, AND as the accomplished person you deeply dream of being – will reawaken your ability to imagine and believe and create and implement.


  • You must be prepared to be open and honest about your project and goals
  • You must be prepared to accept and take action on the unexpected
  • You must be willing to take full responsibility for your creative results


Please fill out the self-assessment here. It will help both of us determine whether this journey is right for you. After you fill it out, I will personally email you and we will set up a time to speak one-on-one.


Photo credit: AnnaCarin Isaksson

Magnificent Obsessions

The Connoisseur, De-Scott-Evans

If it’s one thing I really envy it’s those who dive into their interests, or should I say passions, with magnificent obsession.

It’s something intriguing about someone who stops at nothing to find out that next little detail about their subject and never give up on their interest. There is this little fire inside of them that burns independent of whether or not any one else shares the interest.

It’s like you can’t help but become interested when a person speaking passionately about something (one exception might be politics, I don’t get fired up about all kinds of opinions no-matter the passions behind).

The other darker side of the coin of the obsessive personality is its obsessiveness, of course. It requires a lot from persons in the immediate proximity of her or him. I get that. But we must remember that;

  • They are the ones who go ahead of the rest of us.
  • They are the ones who develop new and deep knowledge.
  • They push the limits of what is possible for all of us.

Almost everyone who are really good at what they are doing are magnificently obsessive about their topic or niche. Maybe it is a prerequisite to be able to put in all those hours required to master anything?

I love to talk to and interview people about their biggest passions, about the stuff they have great knowledge in. So many juicy aha-moments comes out of that.

If you are magnificently obsessive about something greater or other than yourself, but feel stuck or lack confidence in pursuing your passion, we must talk. In my service The Private Patfinding Experience I help persons just like you to remove those blocks so that you can continue digging deep and running way ahead of the rest of us.

Read more about all the details of The Private Patfinding Experience here!

P.S. I’m obsessively curious (but not when it comes to peoples’ private lives, I’m not into prying) and can’t help but wanting to know more about more stuff. I guess that’s why I envy those who stay in one spot and dig deep. But if you are one of them my obsession can help yours.

Image: The Connoisseur by De Scott Evans

Why do we not question what is right next to us?

Stilleben 1

This weekend I visited our beautiful capital, Stockholm. I met great friends and dear relatives and we celebrated achievements and the passing of life’s milestones. And on top of it all the weather was just perfect and I got to wear a summer dress.

We talked about things like work and career because it is always nice to catch up on what is going on in everone’s lives. And, also, it is such a big thing for many.

I’m happy for friends’ and family members’ achievements, if that is what they really like, but for a person like me who has chosen to stand in defiance of this model of being conventionally employed and jumped off the career wheel I can’t help but notice how far removed from them I actually am. And I can’t help but wonder why hardly anyone expresses any thoughts of alternative ways of making a living.

The only options seem to be getting good grades, climbing the corporate or academic ladder so you can buy more stuff, more beautiful homes, that special car or whatever. That is how you get recognition and prove yourself.

But how about pursuing your own dreams or building something that is truly your making instead of trying to reach this month’s key performance indicators or getting that new position that will be a great jumping-off point for the next position?

No, I don’t think so.

Pursuing a passion is harder because you might not be able to have something to show off and maybe no fancy trips to report back on or new shiny stuff to wear or drive.

You might be a complete failure and who wants that?

But that’s not the worst thing.

Creating something out of nothing on your own gives you a taste of real freedom … and the thought that, if you fail, you will have to give up the freedom that you have momentarily tasted. That … now THAT would be the worst thing of all.

So don’t taste freedom.

Stay safe, stay on tracks.

Climb the ladder.



…. No of course NOT!

I’m just joking (yes, I know, obviously).

What is more exciting, fulfilling and scary challenging than to find a completly new path into the wilderness of your own creativity?

We need to talk more about how to start treading THAT path.

The Archives Podcast

The Archives Podcast

The Archives Podcast is my passion project where I release my curiosity on how we build knowledge about the past for the future in places like archives and museums.

Listening to persons who speak with passion on topics they have great knowledge about is always interesting, I think. I learn something new in each episode and I hope my listeners do to.

The Archives Podcast has it’s own site where you can listen and read more, please go here.


Photo credit: AnnaCarin Isaksson